As a child, I would have been thrilled with this an adult, not so much.  I'm still trying to adapt to the Wild Thing at Valley Fair.  Could you keep your cookies (or popcorn) down in the movie theater, if you were in a gyrating seat?  According to Adrian Chen:

If you thought 3-D was the last frontier in making people feel queasy during summer blockbusters, guess again. The hot new movie-watching technology out of Hollywood are "gyrating seats."

50 theaters this summer will be equipped with the seats, which hurl you about in tandem with the action on-screen. From the Wall Street Journal:

Motions range from being pitched forward, backward and side to side, to experiencing a momentary freefall when a character, say, leaps off a cliff. Seat-side controls let squeamish viewers dial down the intensity level of the experience-which on the highest setting can reach up to two times the acceleration caused by gravity.

Sounds gr—blaaaaarggghhhh. It's funny that they have cupholders. So that your jumbo-sized coke can spill into your lap while you jiggle around?

Our movie theaters are slowly turning into the Back to the Future ride at Universal Studios. Soon they'll be drenching the audience with fake blood whenever there's a shoot-out.