When I was young I was a Guiness Book of World Records Fanatic!  Not so much as I got older and real life took over, but I was excited to see one of our Country artists made it in the newest edition that will be out on September 12.  Can you guess who that might be?

I bet you'd nail it if I gave you three guesses.  But, if you said Taylor Swift, you're right!

I know, I know....she is a cross-over artist that also duets with all genres of musicians, but there's no denying she was country when I saw her sing her debut song "Tim McGraw".   Remember this?

She will be holding not one, but  two world records in the new 2014 book.  It's official, she holds the record for  "fastest-selling digital single” for ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ which made it to the top of the Billboard Charts after being on sale for only 50 minutes, and she’s also “the first solo female with two million-selling weeks on the US album chart.”

Here's the song that literally shot to the top of the charts in 50 minutes!

Look how far she's come since she shyly sang "Tim McGraw" for the first time on the AMA stage!!!!!