Tonight is the last episode for Steve Carell in "The Office."  Relatively unknown before the hit TV show, Carell has become a star and it's time for him to move onto bigger projects.  From what I've read and heard, Steve was a great guy to have on the set and a wonderful person to work with.  I will certainly miss seeing him on the office.  His character Michael Scott was the engineer on a runaway train that had us laughing every episode.

I'm pretty sad that Michael Scott will no longer be on "The Office."  He represented an odd boss that really didn't know how to handle anything.  Somehow throughout the show you learn to love the character.  He was like an innocent kid that didn't know any better.  His performances carried the show in many cases.  Among my favorite episodes is when he burned his foot on a George Foreman grilling bacon in bed.

Another is when he declared bankruptcy, literally, then hopped a train to get out of dodge.

It's going to be tough to watch the show tonight, but I hope it's a good farewell.