I've heard a good amount of buzz about this show for the past year, but I didn't actually sit down and watch it until the other day.  I saw it on Netflix and thought I would give it a try.  In two days, I watched the first 3 episodes.  I would have watched the first 3 all at once, but it's not exactly something you can have on with the kids in the room.

"The Walking Dead" is based on a comic book series made back in 2003.  It starts with a sheriff's deputy that wakes up from a coma into a world filled with zombies.  It's a typical zombie movie with the same basics of every other zombie show.  Except one thing:  It's the best.

Very rarely do you see a television show that has the cinematic quality of "The Walking Dead."  I've seen a lot of zombie movies and this show could be put right up on the silver screen with anyone of them.  Perhaps it could be because some of the writers/directors have some pretty heavyweight movies under their belt, like "The Green Mile," and one of my favorites "Shawshank Redemption."

The special effects are awesome, the make up is beyond real, and there is a great balance between action and drama.  Without drama, there is now way you could make a zombie plot into a series.  This show has received critical acclaim.   Yes, a zombie show has received critical acclaim.  It's a far more entertaining, suspenseful, and touching than any horror show I've ever seen.   Oh, and by the way... GREAT ACTING!