Just when you think you have a handle on keeping what belongs to you, yours.  Thieves come up with a new way to take "your stuff".  Granted, this might be something you have been wanting to take care of for awhile, but none-the-less, you'll feel violated and you'll question the safety of your other belongs and your family.  The Duluth Police Department says, this is the NEW way, thieves are stealing cars!

The Duluth Police Department has identified a recent trend of criminal activity where suspects are searching for vehicles located on private property which appear to be broken down, or not in good running condition.

The suspects then contact a towing company who unwittingly buy the vehicles as an untitled salvage or junk vehicle. The vehicles are towed away and end up being salvaged or sold as scrap before the lawful owner has had a chance to report their vehicle stolen.

The Duluth Police Department encourages tow companies, salvage yards, scrap metal recycling centers and citizens to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity by calling 911.