Start looking around your house for a couple of antiques you think may have great value, and mark your calendar for Wednesday March 16th.  Bring up to two items to the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center for a free appraisal of your antiques or collectible items.  The St. Louis County Historical Society has arranged for Dan Sershon of Northland Estate Services and Denny Mager of Northern Specialty, both experts in antique appraisal, to be at your service from noon until 3 pm in the rotunda.

You'll get an informal verbal identification and evaluation of each item you bring.  If you have a piece that is too large or fragile to be brought in, a clear photograph with a detailed description of any marks and labels will be sufficient.

You have until March 16th to find the two items  you'd like evaluated.  Might your favorite antique also be worth big money?  Good luck!