We never missed the show.  Everyone I knew watched the Dukes of Hazzard.  Guys for Daisy Duke, gals for Bo and Luke and everyone for the General Lee car chases!  But now, with the way of the world and everyone demanding Political Correctness, the movie company that owns it is going to opt out of the Confederate flag on all future versions of the car.

And there WILL BE future versions.  While I don't agree with the removal of the flag, it's a piece of history to all who grew up with the show, it also tells us that the company is planning some on bringing the General Lee out of the storage garage!

Of course, it you were a collector of any Dukes of Hazzard items and you have a General Lee in your possession, hold on to it.  If this goes through, it could be worth way more than you originally had hoped!

All this talk of Bo, Duke and the General Lee (sorry, Daisy didn't do anything for me), has got me hankerin' for an episode, watch  "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Duke" [here].....enjoy!