Once again, we are just a few short weeks away from the best time of year:  deer season.  Like very year, I have to put this disclaimer out:  I'm talking about firearm season.  (I know bow hunting has been open for quite some time.)  So once again, we will refresh the list of things to do to prepare for hunting.

1.  Rally the troops.  Talk to uncles, cousins, family friends, neighbors, etc and try to figure out who the heck is going to be at the shack and when.  We gotta know where we are going to sleep, who is going to be there that snores, and how much food we need to bring.

2.  Make a list of booze.  Yeah, I'm not going to deny it.  Deer camp for a lot of people is an excuse to drink and shoot the bull.  When else can we do it?  Once the guns are put away, the beer comes out.

3.  Plan for the traditions.  For us, it's blackberry brandy.  Even just saying that makes me want to vomit.  I hate brandy.  But it's a tradition, and got to have it.

4.  Sight in the guns, or find a rifle for Nate.  All of us sight in the rifles this weekend, making sure we are dead on for that one shot.  Except for my friend Nate, who has hunted with us for the last 4 years, and still doesn't own a rifle.  So we have to at least find one for him.

5.  Check deer stands.  If you hunt on private land, you may have a permanent stand built.  Every year we have to check the stands to make sure they are still solid and safe.  Unlike 2009 when I fell out of a stand because the nails came apart.  I got a nail in my butt cheek.  Don't let that happen to you.

6.  Eat the last of last year's venison.  Gotta make room in the freezer!  Each year we eat a ton of venison during the winter following the harvest.  Then we get sick of it, and there's about 20 pounds still left over.  Time to eat it up, and get ready for next years.

7.  Dig out the long underwear.  And other warm clothes.  Unfortunately for me, a lot of my gear was ruined in this years flood with sewage water.  Not sure what is worse, sewage water on my long underwear or how they end up after a week at deer camp.  (Chili, beer, etc.)

8.  Watch outdoor channel and get excited.  We have to watch the buck hunting shows just to get pumped up!  Then we get in the stand and after waiting for 11 months for deer season, we get bored within the first hour and a half.

9.  Be really really nice to your wife.  And this is probably the most important thing on our list this time of year.  We will be gone three weekends in November.  It's important that we help out around the house as much as we can when we are home.  It doesn't hurt to buy her things either.


Check back soon for the final week of opener checklist!