Sometimes you are lucky and your child wants to help you cook.  Unfortunately, most of the time I'm grilling meat on open flame and it's not the best place for a 3 year old to lend a hand.

Last night, I decided that we would make French Bread Pizza, since we had A TON of left over cheese.  Here's how-to instructions that include your kid.

1.  Make sure the kids wash their hands.  They're full of boogers.  Not a good topping idea.

2. Cut french bread into 3 pieces.  Then cut again length wise so it will make six half loaves of french bread.

3.   Have the kids spoon out some pizza sauce and spread it on the bread.

4.  Add toppings.  We used pepperoni and cheese for his slice, and we added onions and green peppers to our slices.

5.  Broil In the oven until the cheese begins to brown.

6.  Burn the hell out of the roof of your mouth because you were an idiot and didn't wait for it to cool.

Obviously you will be the one to handle the oven and knives, but Zach loved puttin toppings on!  Not to mention he begins to appreciate the work you put into cooking!