Local authorities and first responders were busy this weekend with an unusual amount of drug overdoses. At the time I am writing this, none have died, but it does give us the increased sense of awareness that something must be done.

The overdoses happened Friday and Saturday.  The Duluth Police Department reported that they believe the incidents are linked to the illegal use of heroin based on information obtained at the scenes. All needed to be transported to local hospitals.

The increase in overdoses primarily attributed to heroin use has heightened our attention about this important issue. Similar reports of overdoses and increased heroin potency continue to occur state and nationwide. The Duluth Police department continues their efforts to combat the trafficking, sale, and use of heroin and are investigating the recent incidents in an attempt to determine the source of the increase.

If you have information related to narcotics activity you are encouraged to call the Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crime Task Force at 218-730-5750.