The transformation of Jael Strauss from when she was a contestant on America's Next Top Model to now truly shows the affects of what meth can do to a person.  Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.  Today on Dr. Phil, he will stage an intervention....to save her life.

I remember Jael Strauss. I don't remember where she landed in terms of her modeling ability, what I do remember was she was a bit "different".  Unique.  She was the one that had a friend pass while she was on the show.  I imagine that was extremely difficult to overcome, but she chose to stick with the show and continue to pursue her dream of modeling.  At times, one wondered if she was on drugs while on America's Next Top Model.  Or, did her meth use start after she didn't reach her goal?  Whatever the case, hopefully this will open the eyes of anyone using Meth.  The effects it can have on a person in so many ways.  She doesn't even LOOK like the Jael that was vying to be a top model.

Here's hoping that intervention will get Jael back on the right path.  It's a path that will be difficult and long, but she has the support of many.

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