This weekend the Northland saw more snowfall and several roads in the area experienced slippery spots.  With the weekend comes more travelers across the state, especially with the Minnesota Vikings playing at home.  One thing that always comes up is "how are the roads?".  I discovered how easy and convenient it can be to get that crucial information.

If you are traveling within Minnesota and the weather becomes a concern, rely on the Minnesota Department of Transportation's website  Click on that and bookmark it.  It will give you maps of the state with road conditions not only in relation to the weather but also in relation to things like construction.

If you are already en route to your destination, you can call "5-1-1" and get the same information.  You can navigate the phone version with voice activation, which is perfect as it allows you to keep both hands on the wheel with a bluetooth device.

Wisconsin travelers have the same options available, details of which are all available at 

If your traveling a ways from home, you should also call someone in your destination location to cover all bases.  However, I've found the Department Of Transportation services to be very handy as they help take the mystery out of what you'll face if you do have to hit the road and the weather outside is frightful.

Recent weather may only be the beginning, so have safe travels!  As my grandpa used to tell me, "better to get there late than never at all".