I've never seen Bigfoot, but I've heard him.  I swear.   Apparently I'm not the only one in our area that has a Bigfoot story to share.  The TV show "Finding Bigfoot" is currently shooting footage and accounts in the Northland.  I've done some research and I've found some stories in our own backyard.  I'll share them with you, along with my own, after the jump.This is a relatively recent story when I heard Bigfoot.  It could be another animal, but I have no idea what animal it would be.  That's what makes it so mysterious.

My wife and I were up at our family's hunting shack in Northern MN near Cook, MN.  It was probably around 10PM when I went to the edge of the woods because "nature was calling."  It was pitch black as it was a rainy kind of night and I heard a weird shrieking noise.  It wasn't  a high shriek, or a low shriek, but like a combination.  Then I heard it crash off into the woods.

It scared the hell out of me!  It happened again later that night, several hours later, and again the next night.  I've ruled out it being a bear, a buck grunting, or an owl.  I guess it's a mystery.

There are some more accounts, including footprints found near Virginia MN.  There also appears to be several sightings in Itasca County and even one near Brimson, MN.