I finally beat Call of Duty Black Ops last week.  I'm sure there are plenty of people who played this game and are saying, "Geez, wasn't that hard, I beat it in a day!"  Well odds are they probably don't have a family!First off, I got this as Christmas present.  It was a really nice gift.  I decided not to play the game until after we were settled into our new house.  So that was about a month later.  Immediately I was hooked to the game, as I expected.

It's a really fun shoot em up game, that is definitely not for young kids.  So when I was playing the game, I would always have to turn it off if our three year old came into the room.  After a while, I realized it's impossible to play it if he's even in the house, because I guess he loves the sound of gunfire.

And when I did have to pause it, usually I had to shut my Wii off so we could watch a kids show on netflix.  Ugh.  So in other words it took a long time.  Also, the missions on the game can be pretty long with long story lines.  Playing one mission could take a half an hour, so even if I did think I had time, the family would arrive home, and I would have to pause it, or shut it off.

Then, when it's bedtime for him, we would have to watch my fiance's show.  So instead of playing Black Ops and blasting away cold war enemies, we would be watching "Say Yes To The Dress!"  or "Teen Mom."  Then, when my fiance goes to bed, I turn it on, start playing, and then I'm told it's too loud.  Ugh.  I gave up.

So after a good month of trying to play it, I finally beat the game.  It was a good sense of accomplishment!  And I really enjoyed the game.

I suppose I should give my take on the game as long as I'm writing about it.  I like the fact that it has longer missions, which can be challenging.  You do have to pay attention to the story line in between and sometimes during a mission.  A few times I was wondering what the heck was going on.  I own a Nintendo Wii, and the graphics don't even compare to PS3's or xbox 360's.  It's still fun, and it's nice to use the zapper to point and shoot.  But, when it comes to some of the operations you have to twist the zapper and push a button.  Sometimes you'll inadvertently twist and really mess yourself up.  The multiplayer is really nicely set up.  That's something that Call Of Duty Games really excel at and make it worth buying.  Once you beat the game, you can keep playing for a long time and it's still interesting in multiplayer.  One thing I don't really care for is the zombie play.  You basically sit in a building and try to defend yourself against sneaky zombies.  Not much fun in my book.  Overall, a very fun and addicting game.

Now it's on to multiplayer online, which has it's own challenges.  Some people have absolutely no life besides video games, and these are the people you play with.  So they are pretty good.  Turns out, I don't get too far in online play against teenagers who can practice all day.  Oh, how I remember those days.  I guess it's now a thing of the past with having grown- up responsibilities.