It's kind of funny how things change over the years.  I remember in high school and college, I would always order the largest version of any meal.  Now, if I even combo up I never get the biggest sized meals.   When it comes to combo type meals and desserts this option now seems like something I would totally take advantage of a good deal of the time.

Americans are used to super-sizing things by now, a fast food tactic many point to as a catalyst in the country's obesity epidemic. But there's a new trend on the scene, and hopefully this one will tip the scales in the opposite direction — mini-sizing.

Bloomberg reports on the option offered by restaurants and chains like Dairy Queen to offer customers a smaller portion of beloved treats like the Blizzard. For those who don't want to down all the calories in a small size of the ice cream dessert, DQ has a 7-ounce mini size at half the calories of the 12-ounce.

Starbucks has also jumped on the tiny train, launching their "petite" line of desserts for just a little bite of something sweet instead of belt-busting larger options.