With all the snow falling and people complaining about not being plowed out fast or the streets not looking their best right away, i am reminded of a page I saw on the Duluth website answering questions about snow removal. So, I revisited the questions.

When will my street get plowed?

  • City workers are challenged with clearing over 400 miles of city streets. Sometimes they are slowed by people not moving their cars, slim streets, unforseen problems. All they ask is your patience, they will get there.
  • There is a schedule for snowplowing (See question below) but City plows are able to remove 3" snowfalls much sooner than a 12" snowfall for example. It takes more time to plow heavier snow falls. During the "Halloween Mega Storm" in 1991, 36" fell over a 3 day period. Although all the equipment and operators worked around the clock, some folks waited up to 5 days to get plowed out.

Is there a schedule as to which streets get plowed and when?

  • Every plow operator is assigned to a route and all routes include some main arteries, residential streets and any alleys in that vicinity. Plow route mileages are all around 50 lane miles each.  Generally, after a snow event ends, city plows hit the streets at 2:00 am and clear the main thoroughfares for the morning rush hour.  By around 7:00 am plows will start on the residential streets, and when those are finished, they plow the alleys.  Depending on the snowfall, it can be up to 56 hours before every street and alley in the City is plowed.  Streets are usually plowed in the same order for each storm because we have found it to be the most efficient way to plow that route.  Operators will alternate though, if they have found another order to be just as efficient.

Does the City plow all streets and county roads?

  • No. There are state and county road ways within the city limits, and those respective authorities plow their own roads. There are some exceptions though. See the map for details.
  • Questions about county roads can be directed to 625-3800, during normal business hours.
  • You can also access the county map at St. Louis County's web site.

Can I use salt and/or sand on my sidewalks?

  • Yes.

What are the regulations for shoveling sidewalks?

  • City ordinance Chapter 45, Article VI states that snow must be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall.

The plow damaged my property (i.e. car, structure, etc...) who do I call? 

  • The city claims adjuster handles all property damage claims. Call 730-5276.

You can park on the street IF you follow parking regulations. One of the biggest problems plow operators have is trying to plow streets with illegally parked cars.  Parking on the wrong side of the street in a calendarparking area, parking too close to intersections, parking too far away from the curb, and parking in the alley right-of-way are also common violations that prevent streets and alleys from being plowed. Violators are ticketed and sometimes towed if plows can't get through.

Is there anything I can do to get plowed out faster?

  • Yes!  If you have a driveway or garage, it is best to park there until after plows have been through your neighborhood.   It takes more time to plow around a car than to plow against the curb.  If you must park on the street, park legally and remind your neighbors to do the same thing.

What number do I call in the case of an emergency or outside of normal business  hours?

  • Please call 730-4000.

Who do I call with snow or ice control questions? (during normal business hours) 

  • Please call 730-5430.
  • Sidewalk concerns or questions 730-4490.