At the end of last season of TNT's "Falling Skies," people were generally disappointed with the lack of action in the season finale.  We were all excited for a big battle, and they basically didn't deliver. Now, what seems to be a very very long time in between seasons, Falling Skies returned this last Sunday.  Immediately there was more action, and things picked up in pace. 

That's a good thing, because I'd probably lose interest if there weren't some more curve balls thrown at us.   Watching the show I get an uneasy feeling with Tom, wondering if he's all there from his experience on the Alien ship.  We're still wondering what's going on with Ben, and if he's going to be ok.

A few things that kinda bummed me out were the people that were written off the show.  I really liked the old guy Scott.  He was like the only old guy ever in the series.  So when the aliens came, I guess all the old people were too slow?  They also didn't really explain what happened to Ben's friend that was also harnessed.  They just said he never really came back.

The season two premiere was a ratings success, especially if you account for the NBA finals taking place.  Last year it was the most watched cable drama on TV.  It drew 4.5 million viewers.  I think they did a good job of setting up next week, so viewers will tune back in.