Yesterday it came out in a Rolling Stone's Interview with Eric Church that he didn't have much good to say about artists who got their break on reality shows, and also didn't have very nice comments about Blake Shelton.  Here's what his apology says:

"The comment I made to Rolling Stone was part of a larger commentary on these types of reality television shows and the perception they create, not the artists involved with the shows themselves. The shows make it appear that artists can shortcut their way to success. There are a lot of artists due to their own perseverance that have gone on to be successful after appearing on these shows, but the real obstacles come after the cameras stop rolling. Every artist has to follow up television appearances with dedication towards their craft, but these shows tend to gloss over that part and make it seem like you can be ordained into stardom. I have a problem with those perceived shortcuts, not just in the music industry. Many people have come to think they can just wake up and have things handed to them. I have a lot of respect for what artists like Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and my friend Miranda Lambert have gone on to accomplish. This piece was never intended to tear down any individual and I apologize to anybody I offended in trying to shed light on this issue. I am grateful for all of the artists and fans that have supported me along my journey and certainly did not mean for my comments to undermine their talent and achievements."

Unfortunately, even with the apology, I think this leaves a stain on Eric Church's image.  I know I've been a hug fan of Eric Church, but this still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I understand he values his integrity of being an artist and sticking to his beliefs and not being a sell out, but I think he went to far questioning other popular artists that are very talented.  There comes a point where you go to far to be individualistic and artistic and lose touch with reality.  Reality is, if you have the opportunity to further your career by the ways of a reality show, why not?  "The Voice" was made exactly for that reason.  Finding artists that have followed their dream for years and just haven't struck gold yet.  Why not give them a shot?

I appreciate the apology, but it's still leaves me disappointed as an Eric Church fan.