Ok, so it's been out for a while now, but I finally went out and bought his new album Chief.  It's a pretty damn good album.  He's one of the few artists that I follow and look forward to their music.

So many times in country music, songs and artists that come out kind of get in that middle of the road kind of rut.  A lot of the country artists come out trying to be the next Martina Mcbride, or the younger George Strait, or the next story telling Alan Jackson.

Eric Church is himself.  He's a different kind of musician.  He's got his roots and his influences, but I can't think of anyone who he sounds like.  A great example of this is his current single "Springsteen."  It may be my favorite song of his to date.


He's got a unique voice that you can't mistake.  He doesn't hide his twang, but more of throw it out there with a like it or not I don't care attitude.  He's not the pretty boy country star, riding on their looks.

Eric Church is my new favorite country artist.  Besides "Chief," you should go and buy the album "Carolina."  I still like that one better.