Summer is coming (well, at least based on past experience and not the current weather we can expect it at some point, right?) If you are trying to eat less and lose weight for the summer, these tricks may help.

Light a vanilla-scented candle

The aroma has been shown to dampen dessert cravings. One group of 160 volunteers actually lost an average of 4.5 pounds each by wearing vanilla-scented patches.

Paint the dining room blue

Okay, granted, this is a bit extreme, but researchers have found that people eat 33 percent less in a blue room. The bluish light that results evidently makes food look less appealing. To see if it works for you without doing any whole-scale renovation, try using a blue tablecloth, place mats, or napkins. By the way, red, orange, and yellow colors stimulate appetite, which is why so many fast-food restaurants use that motif.

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