Many people have a room in their house that has that hideous wood paneling in it.  At one point, people must have thought this looked good, because back in the 70's everyone was doing it.   Now, it's out of style and you want to get rid of it.  

There is a few options.  First, you can remove the wood paneling to see what kind of shape the wall is behind it, or you can just paint it.  We took a small peak behind the paneling in the room and saw all of the cracks on the wall and said "paint it."

(You could also completely remodel the room, but that gets spendy.)

I assumed that I was going to need to lightly sand the paneling, then prime it and paint it.  I was talking about this with my dad and he suggested that I use Zinnser primer, because it sticks to everything.

It did... without sanding, I primed the paneling.  It took 3 coats and just over a gallon of primer for this small room.

However, with using 3 coats of primer, it only took 1 coat of egg shell enamel paint over it for the color we wanted.

So that's the simple way to paint wood paneling.