Gadgetry Incorporated has allowed me to now text, play words with friends and peruse the B105 website, WHILE I cook!  How many times have you wished you had a third arm to stir the pot, while you chop the onions?  You're wish has been answered!

This electric cooker by Hammacher Schlemmer is equipped with a spatula at the bottom that stirs, mixes ingredients, and lifts food from the pot to prevent it from sticking and getting overcooked.

You can set the spatula to turn and stir intermittently for stir frying foods or continuously when you're cooking up some soup to have all the ingredients properly mixed up. The temperature range of the self-stirring electric pot ranges from 200º F to 375º F, so you can saute, boil, simmer, sear, and braise to your heart's content.

The pot has a capacity of 3.75 quarts and is made from cast aluminum with a non-stick surface and retails for $99.95.

You can get the self-stirring electric pot here:  Hammacher Schlemmer, then you can keep up with your sloth-like lifestyle....ENJOY!