In just 17 days, the residents of Duluth's Seaway Hotel will have to pack up and move out.  Our partners at The Northlands News Center are reporting that the the building is being condemned.

Recent flooding added to the woes of this building.  The Certificate of Occupancy was officially revoked for these reasons:

-The roof of the building is severely deteriorated and leaking in several areas.
-Roof leaks has caused ceiling and wall damage in several areas.
-Ceiling tiles damaged or missing are compromising the effective operation of the sprinkler system.
-Several areas of corridor walls have been damaged by repairs or water compromising the required-fire rating of the corridors.
-A large area of the exterior wall in the front courtyard is badly deteriorated with possible structural failure.
-Due to substantial water leaks into the wall and ceiling cavities for a long period of time, the electrical system is deemed compromised and mold growth will occur.

July 27th is the day occupants currently need to vacant the building.