It's expected with the spring-like weather we've been experiencing.  Wet, soggy trails that are used for running, hiking and biking.  The scenery is beautiful, but the footing unsteady and to save the trail from being worn down and damaged, we need to refrain from using it until we dry up (which will hopefully be soon!)

The City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Division is requesting that  the public stay off all natural surface City trails until conditions improve. All natural surface (hiking/biking/skiing) trails are closed until the soil has completely dried out and further notice is given.

BY eliminating traffic on our trails it will help minimize damage by foot or by bike. But, there are still lots of options in our City.  It is recommended to use the Lakewalk and the Western Waterfront Trail during this time; they remain open for use due to their hardened surfaces.

The City thanks the public for their help to protect city trails.  If you would like a trail update, they are available by calling the trails hotline at (218) 730- 4323.