This story is unusual to begin with, but to have it happen twice REALLY makes it unique.  Apparently, this gentleman has a love of lobsters, enough so that he would steal a lobster, not once, but twice, from the Red Lobster Restaurant in Duluth. How long can lobsters survive out of the water???

On Wednesday, March 20th the Duluth Police were called to the Red Lobster, 301 Lake Avenue South at 11:13 AM on the report that a live lobster had just been stolen out of the tank and the suspect had just left.

An officer responding to the area spotted the suspect who had the live lobster in a plastic bag. The suspect was identified as Edward Farris, a 53 year old male resident of Duluth. Farris was issued citations for Trespassing and Misdemeanor Theft. The officer transported the live lobster back to the tank at Red Lobster.

Duluth Police Department

Then, they checked the history and found that on June 7th of 2012, Duluth Officers were called to the same Red Lobster on the theft of a 3 pound lobster from the lobster tank, the suspect was located on June 22, 2012 and identified as Edward Farris. He was charged and convicted of Misdemeanor Theft. The lobster was never located that time.

Edward Farris also has the following convictions:[

  • 1990-5th Degree Domestic Assault
  • 1991-Misdemeanor Theft & 5th Degree Domestic Assault
  • 1992-5th Degree Assault
  • 1995-Terroristic Threats
  • 1996-Disorderly Conduct
  • 1997-Misdemeanor Theft, Criminal Damage to Property & Violating a Restraining Order
  • 1999-5th Degree Domestic Assault, False Information to Police & Misdemeanor Theft
  • 2000-Disorderly Conduct
  • 2001-Felony 3rd
  • Degree Assault & 5th
  • Degree Domestic Assault

Info via:  Duluth Police Department Release