Yes, it's the same girl, just different color hair.  Yes, she was the "Property Crimes Wanted Person of the LAST week and was arrested and jailed, thanks to the public's help.  Here is the rest of the story and why we need to be watching for her again.Haley June Engstad is a white female, 22 years old, weighing 145 pounds and is 5'10" tall. She has blonde to dark brown hair and blue eyes.

According to the police, Haley Engstad has been on a significant crime spree over the last few weeks and was featured as last week’s “Property Crimes Person of the week”.   She would frequent coffee shops and ask individuals if she could use their cell phone. She then would flee the scene with the phone. She was arrested on the warrant for felony theft; however, she was released from jail on bail over the weekend. She is currently on probation and a warrant has now been issued for violation of her probation. Engstad was given the opportunity to turn herself in and failed to do so.

Anyone with any information, has seen or knows the whereabouts of Haley Engstad are asked to call 911.