It's a good feeling to know that information that you've given to the police may have helped apprehend a criminal.  The Duluth Police Department has been sending out information on the "Property Crimes Person of the Week" for some time now, they've found that it has helped locate the individual in many cases and often lead to an arrest.  Can you help this week?

This week's Property Crimes Wanted Person of the Week is:  Luther Farris Johnson, born April 10, 1979.  He is a 33 year old white male.  6'1" tall and weighing 185lbs.  His eyes are blue and his hair is brown.

Johnson has four warrants for his arrest. Two are felony warrants for possession of a controlled substance and for possession of a short-barreled shotgun. The other two are misdemeanor warrants for fleeing police, tampering with a motor vehicle, driving after cancellation, and other traffic violations.

The Duluth Police Department is seeking the your help in locating him. Anyone with information, has seen or know of his whereabouts are asked to call 911.