Every day we hear of people being affected by dishonesty.  It's hard to keep up on all the scams and new ones pop up every day.  The Duluth Police Department is helping us keep our guard up by letting us know of a scam that fellow Northlanders have experienced recently.  Read and pass on to your friends and family on social media.


The Duluth Police Department received a number of reports of a company from Florida calling and asking for monetary donations for the “Proceed with Caution” program. The caller claims that the money collected is given to police officers families involved in fatal traffic accidents. The number that will show up on your caller ID is a 727 area code, which is in Florida.

This company does NOT represent the Duluth Police Department.  They are cautioning  citizens from donating money or providing any personal information to any organization that they are not familiar with.  They added that through follow up investigation they have not been able to verify this program or company exists.

Be smart, trust your instincts and be wary.  If you aren't sure of the organization, take the time to check them out.  If they are legitimate, they will understand and be patient for your donation.  Warn your friends and family, share this info on your social media!