Although thieves are targeting construction sites, if you are doing any type of home improvements that require you to keep construction materials outside you should be aware that the Duluth Police Department have recognized a crime pattern that has developed in various locations throughout the city in recent weeks and offer some tips.

These crimes include break-ins to construction trailers and vehicles used to store expensive tools, building materials and copper/brass items.  Structures under construction have also been broken into and tools, materials and other items have been taken.

The Duluth Police Department reminds contractors and homeowners to take extra efforts to secure tools and materials at unattended construction sites and on your property.

Taking a little time now can save you money in stolen equipment and materials later.  For instance, document tools by recording serial numbers, marking items or consider installing a security system.  All of these steps would help law enforcement recover the stolen items if you become a victim of one of these crimes.

Please remember to report any suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1.