Exhaust Pipe

I think the level of irritation that occurs with the sound of a loud muffler comes with age.  When one is young it signifies toughness, or being cool.  Then, you start to outgrow it and soon you're thinking "wow, that guy needs a new muffler"!  Doesn't matter what age you are or why your muffler is loud.  If it's too loud, the Duluth Police Department is going to do something about it if you don't get it fixed. 

The reason the Duluth Police Department have started to monitor loud muffller/exhaust systems is the recent increase in complaints from residents in the city. With the increase in after-market exhaust options for motorized vehicles along with vehicles in need of repair, the increased noise level has become a quality of life issue for residents in the city.

The plan is to continue to monitor the situation through September 9th.  Duluth Police officers will conduct a special enforcement detail all day but will be more specifically monitoring during the night when windows of residences are open and they are most likely sleeping.

They're hoping to significantly reduce the amount of vehicles with loud mufflers/exhaust through enforcement and education.

Least we don't have THIS problem...yet!