Little by little, the Duluth Lakewalk is being extended, offering even more scenic beauty for exercise and recreation. (not that exercising can't be fun)!  I realize that during the construction period it can be frustrating with delays and travel inconveniences, but if you are aware of the detours ahead of time that frustration can be avoided.  Here's the detours we know of at this time.

This extension will include a pedestrian tunnel that will allow users to cross Highway 61 safely.  The date to mark on your calendar is April 1 for  Phase 5 of the construction of the Lakewalk East Extension.  The City of Duluth will be closing Congdon Boulevard north of 61st Avenue East. Highway 61 and Scenic 61 traffic will be detoured to East Superior Street and 60th Avenue East. A temporary traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of 60th Avenue East and Superior Street. Construction of the pedestrian tunnel will be completed and the detour removed on June 19. Just in time for Grandma's Marathon!

Driver should be aware that there will be traffic congestion and delays due to the closure.  If you think ahead and find an alternate route around the construction then you'll avoid unnecessary frustration.

Of course, the City regrets any inconvenience this may cause you.  If you have questions, feel free to call (218)730-5104 or email Matt Decur (, Project Engineer.