I always say that "life experience" is such a great learning tool.  Even though it's tough, I've always let my daughter make her own choices, know that if she made a bad decision, she would learn from it.  When it comes to car accidents, I'm glad that the Duluth Fire Department has developed a way to simulate a crash.  With this mock crash, life experience is shown without having to actually live through the trauma.

This program will be different from any other traffic safety program you have seen in the past. You are going to hear and see exactly what victims of a car crash would experience during and after the crash. This will occur in real time as it does in real situations.

Fatal traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for young people in Minnesota and in the United States. You will witness what takes place in a serious injury and/ or fatal traffic crash. This crash involves two vehicles and six students. The purpose of the mock crash is to present students a real life scenario with the objective of preventing drunk driving and demonstrate the importance of wearing seat belts.

Thank you to our Duluth Fire Department for bringing this important awareness to our kids attentions, especially as prom and graduation is right around the corner!