I had heard sirens last night.  When I hear sirens in the quiet evening hoursI try to picture where they are located.  I know these sirens stopped close.  It turns out it was deemed an arson fire and now the fire department needs our help.

According to the Duluth Fire Department press release, the fire started just after midnight Friday, into Saturday morning.  They were dispatched to the call of a portable toilet on fire in Lincoln Park. Soon after, the alarm was upgraded to include a fire spreading to the nearby stone pavilion building. When crews arrived the fire had spread into the combustible roof structure of the stone building.

Entry was forced and the fire was extinguished. Most of the damage is limited to the east end of the roof structure. The Duluth Fire Marshal's office has determined the cause of the fire to be incendiary.

An arson sign has been posted and any information at all about the fire can should be reported to the Fire Marshal's office or the Duluth Police Department. Initial damage estimates are set at $75,000. No injuries were reported.

Can you help with information?