The Roberstons are asking for 200,000 dollars an epsiode for Season 4 and they are currently in the middle of a stand off with A&E.  Duck Dynasty is the 2nd most popular rated cable show, only behind AMC's The Walking Dead and the family thinks they deserve more money.

A&E hasn't said anything public yet:

A&E declined comment, but a source says the network does not recoup as much of its investment in its reality stars as some of its competitors, such as Bravo with its post-Bethenny Frankel Real Housewives. A&E owns no stake in the Robertsons' various branding efforts, their duck-call business or any of or their frequent speaking engagements at religious and business events, the latter of which alone have netted them tens of thousands of dollars.

Still, given the show's breakout-hit status, a resolution seems a must for A&E. Says a source close to the dealmaking, "It'll all get worked out."


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