We've all been at professional sports events, cheering on our team while having a beer or two.  I will admit that when the Timberwolves first came to Minnesota, I attended a game at the Metrodome (Target Center was not ready) and may have acted inappropriately.  Because the Timberwolves were new to the league, mascots from other teams would come to Minneapolis to perform with our mascot Crunch and welcome the team. Long story short,  in a very unique series of events I ended up goosing the Phoenix Gorilla on the massive Jumbo-tron screen.  Can you blame me?  Gorilla gets in our row, starts doing pushups and jumping around.  Wouldn't your first reaction be to goose the gorilla, even with cameras there?  No?  Perhaps I have issues.

However, the woman on this video has bigger issues as it appears she may have had a bit to drink and decided to stumble onto the court.  Did she forget she was actually AT the game? She should've goosed someone.