If you work downtown Duluth and park in the East Superior Ramp, you need to read this blog.  The construction is slated to begin Monday, October 8 and last a little over a week for the repair, then another week for cleaning. It will still be open, but there won't be as many spaces available.  Be prepared to find another place to park until the construction is over.  Here's the skinny.

It will only be the top levels of the East Superior Street Public Parking that will be temporarily closed for concrete repair.  However, if you are still planning to park there, you should note that you will need to enter the ramp by the 115 East Superior Street entrance.  The First Street entrance and exit will be closed.

Once the concrete repairs are completed, they plan to close the entire ramp to do a little cleaning.  That is expected to take a week.

Alternate parking will be available at the Medical District Ramp at 302 East First Street and in the Technology Village Ramp at 14 East First Street.

Info via:  City of Duluth