The Douglas County UW-Extension Office is good at developing classes or providing informational tours that help the gardener, farmer, livestock producer and the agricultural arena overall.  I always keep an eye out for their FREE classes or seminars, so you're up-to-date on the latest information and hopefully it will help you gain knowledge that will continue business growth and garden growth (pun intended).

You are cordially invited to a beef pasture walk featuring Scottish Highlanders, local marketing, and several new facilities in the Washburn County area, near Springbook on Saturday, Sept 8, from 10:00 AM - Noon. The event is FREE of charge and sponsored by the Northwest Wisconsin Graziers Network and the University of Wisconsin Extension.

The host is Guy McFarren.  His farm is located at N8788 Fire Lane Road, Springbrook. From Hayward, take Hwy 63 southwest about 5 miles, then turn left or south on Cty E. Proceed about 2 miles, turn right or west on Town Hall Road, go 2 miles, then turn left or south on Fire Lane Road. The farm is 1/4 mile on the left. From Spooner, take Hwy 63 just through Springbook, turn right on Larson Road, then right or east on Town Hall Road. Go 2 miles to Fire Lane Road. Watch for the signs.

McFarren owns 210 acres of land, with 75 acres of grazing for 30 Scottish Highlander beef cattle. Highlanders are famous for clearing brush and will even eat pine needles when hay is short. McFarren, a retired telephone company employee, has been clearing and building up his farm in recent years. The farm features new fencing and 2300 feet of water lines built in 2012, a calf shelter built in 2011, a pole barn in 2005 and new well in 2004. McFarren markets all of his beef locally.

For more information, call Otto or Kevin at Spooner UW Extension, 800-528-1914, or 715-635-3506.