Everybody remembers the Kim Kardashian selfie, right?   The one she sent to Kanye of her in her swimsuit.  It was the first post baby pic.   She revealed the reason for posting it to Jay Leno the other night.

"It was a big middle finger to everyone that called me fat."   Then she goes on to complain about the paparazzi.

Guess what?  That's the job you have chosen.   You want to be on reality tv?  You want to be a star for no reason at all?   That's what comes with it, so don't complain about people snapping pictures of you only when you're eating, or calling you fat.

A lot of celebrities really do have it rough with Paparazzi.   They're talented entertainers who unfairly get targeted.

The difference comes when REALITY TV STARS get upset about the paparazzi.  You're entire talent is just being in front of the camera.   That's the job.  Deal with it, and wipe away your tears with your millions.