My husband has business to attend to in the Cities today and thanks to my friend Sandy in Hinckley, I was able to warn him of the Southbound I-35 road construction.  Sandy said you'll actually run into two different road construction locations with about 7 miles in between.  So, just when you're thinking, "whew, that wasn't so bad, I'm out of the orange cones now"'ll hit another patch of them.

Reba McEntire is going to be performing at Grand Casino Hinckley this Saturday, May 19.  Consider this your forewarning....LEAVE EARLY!  If you won tickets from the B105 Breakfast Club, consider yourself's a sold out show!!!

Whether you're going for business or pleasure, if you're using I-35, be conscious of road construction in both the south and northbound lanes.  Before you leave, get the lastest up-t0-date info from the MN Department of Transportation at