I remember the days when I had a health question concerning my daughter and knew that that I just needed a quick answer, not an appointment with her doctor.  But, where can you get that without having to pull out your health insurance card?  At the Duluth Public Library and their Health Happens program.


There has been recent outbreaks of measles and other childhood disease that were virtually non-existent for a number of years and that prompted researchers to start looking for answers.  What they found was that many parents were opting to NOT have their children immunized.  A sign of the times?  Perhaps, but some parents were choosing to not have their children immunized because they didn't have enough information about it.

Nationally they are considering a campaign to educate our current society on the importance of vaccinations, but our local library isn't waiting and have developed a program for you to get your answers now.

It is part of a series at the Duluth Public Library.  This one is called "The Nurse Is In" and will be held this Monday, April 14 at 6:30p in the main libraries Green Room (520 West Superior Street).  Local RN Donna Olston will be there to answer questions you may have about immunizations or other health concerns.  She can help you in your quest for choosing a pediatrician or answer questions on nutrition and the importance of wellness checks.

To note, child care will not be available, but your children are welcome to attend the event with you.