Wow!  Does THIS video bring back memories!!  Everyone remembers the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", but do you remember the short lived, spin-off TV version of the movie?  Or, Jennifer Aniston at age 21?  What a difference!

This was BEFORE she became a big Hollywood star, but it was a stepping stone.  Her co-star in the TV show was Charlie Schlatter and supposedly, they had a little "fling".  Of course, reports are was that everybody on the set thought she was hot, but then again, it's Jennifer Aniston, you would expect that.  She was probably gorgeous from the womb!

How weird though.  She played Charlie's older sister in the show and he is a little hottie himself.  Obviously, they both moved on after they dated.  She is engaged to Justin Theroux and Charlie Schlatter is married with three kids.

Take a peek at Jennifer at 21.  She sure looks different, but you can pick up on the Jennifer Aniston mannerisms.