Embarrassing to admit, but it all started this past weekend when I asked the dog, "do you do the doggy" in reference to Blake Shelton's Boy's 'Round Here song.  My husband laughed and sang "ooooh, that's right" (referring to the Pistol Annie's part of the song). Then he asked me what the dougie really is and this blog was born.  Do YOU do the dougie?

Plain and simple, it's a dance that uses hip-hop moves that originated in Dallas, TX.  You sorta shimmy and run your fingers through your hair or at least near your head. There isn't really a right or wrong way to do it, some say that the dance defines you and your individual style.

Now watch Blake's video for Boys 'Round Here to see the pro's "do the dougie".

You've got a few days to practice, then surprise everyone around the fire pit on fourth of July!