Ever had your garage door spring suddenly snap?  Suddenly, there is no way for you to get your car out, as often times the door is too heavy to lift without the spring.  The old fashioned way of replacing the spring and winding it back for tension is pretty dangerous.  It involves winding bars that if slip could snap back and crack your skull or face open.   Well now there is an easier, safer way.

The springs are called EZ set up torsion springs.   The way you wind them is by using a cordless drill.   It's easy to adjust as well.  This video shows you the basics of how it works.  Of course you should always read the manual that comes with the spring and follow all safety precautions.   If you are feeling uncertain, it's definitely worth hiring a professional.  But if you follow the safety steps, it's a pretty painless fix that could save you hundreds of dollars.

Also, there are some people who don't believe this set up to be reliable, saying it breaks easier.   From personal experience, I've had mine operated on a steady basis for over 3 years without a single problem.   And it's also been operated in extreme cold temperatures as low as -20 F.