Yesterday afternoon I stumbled on to a Gold Rush marathon on the Discovery Channel.  I like the show, even though I find myself screaming at the Hoffman's every week.  (Seriously, you just figure out how to gold mine in Alaska, and now you're in Guyana?)

Sorry, little rant.   Anyway, it was all leading up to the new SCRIPTED Discovery Channel Series "Klondike."   Turns out, I really liked the show.

Klondike follows the Yukon Gold Rush near the turn of the century, and is said to be based on true events.  The show has some big name actors for a mini series, including the main character, Richard Madden (Game of Thrones), Sam Shepard, and Tim Roth.

The show has a cinematic quality, it feels like you are watching a movie.  It gains your attention as well and holds it for the whole 2 hours of the first episode.  I'm excited to see the next episode next week, and I'm already finding myself connecting to the Characters.

Tim Roth plays a real bad guy, and he does it very well.  You hate him before he even opens his mouth, and we're already wondering why someone hasn't shot him yet.

I'd be surprised if these particular characters existed in real life, but I'm sure that there were people just like this. It makes the perfect setting for seeing some great drama unfold.

I'll be waiting for next week!