As a child growing up in Wrenshall I did a lot of agate picking.  My parents started me out at the young age of three, agate picking in the various gravel pits in our area.  I'm not sure if a permit was needed then, but as I was checking out the Carlton County Transportation website, I came across the information I felt I should share with other "rock hounds".

Carlton County owns several gravel pits through out the county. Public access is restricted because the pits may have gravel mining operations, material processing, and heavy equipment traffic making it hazardous to rock pickers. However, there are three County owned pits that are known for the presence of agates.

A permit is available to grant permission to enter the Hatchery Pit, Soo Line Pit and Airport Pit for the purpose of searching for and collecting agates and other semi-precious stones. You are expected to follow the restrictions listed in the permit.