I thought I would share with you my checklist for hunting this year.  Maybe there's a few things that you may have forgot.  Every year, hunters drive up to the hunting shack and always forget something.  Here's some must need items.

1.  Gun ( Yes I've forgotten this)

2.  Ammo (I've forgotten this too, and boy do they price gouge you at gas stations.)

3.  Beer (Actually, I've never forgotten this.)

4.  Beef Jerky (Venison Jerky if you've got it.)

5.  Blackberry Brandy (Leroux Polish style is the best, and worst for you.)

6.  Card games, or better yet dice games.

7.  Soup

8.  COFFEE!!!!!

9.  Buck Knife

10.  Field Dressing elbow length gloves (in case you actually shoot a deer and have to gut it)

11.  LICENSE!  (The DNR doesn't care if you have it at home.)

12.  Blaze orange (duh)

13.  Extra toilet paper because someone will always bring chili.

14.  Did I say beer yet?

15.  Oh forget it, I know Ill forget something.


Have fun, be safe, and get that turdy pointer!