[/caption]I do!  Meet my beast, Ruemmele (Rum-ley)-isn't he cute!!!!  In the picture to the left, he's on his fleece snowman blanket, with his mini-ceramic light up tree by "his" chair in the kitchen and his magnetic look-alike refrigerator magnet in the background.

Yes, I'm nuts, and my family tells me so.  But, he's part of the family and there's no reason why some of our decorations can't be lower to the ground to accommodate him!  I know there are others that decorate for their pets, buy them gifts for under the tree, give them a special meal on Christmas....oh yes, I'm not the only one!!

So fess up, what special holiday treatment does your pet get?  Care to share pet pics?  Email me at cathykates@kkcb.com or share on facebook!

Happy Holidays to you AND yours (family & pets)!