For once, FOR ONCE...I am not panicking.  I am not scrambling.  I am not one of "those people" that waited too long and am holding my breath to see if I get my taxes in on time.

Sure, the one year I HAD to have them done early because I have a daughter going to college next year, everyone else gets two EXTRA days.  Good luck!!!

The income tax deadline is tomorrow, officials are encourage people to submit their tax returns electronically. State income tax returns must be received electronically or postmarked by midnight on April 17.

You'll get an acknowledgement that your return was received if you e-file and you don't have to wait for a check.  You can tell them to deposit your return directly into a savings or checking account.  If you owe (SORRY!) you can use direct withdrawal.  Just make sure you have the funds available in the account to cover it, or you open up a whole new can of worms!

If you are in the state of WI, they offer FREE  secure electronic tax filing for those that qualify.

If you are in the state of MN, they offer FREE secure electronic tax filing for those that qualify.

Filing An Extension

If you must request an extension from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), do so by April 17 to avoid penalties. Go to the IRS website at for more information (keyword: extension). Taxpayers who file an extension request with the IRS automatically receive a state extension.

Each State can be different with rules and deadlines.  Click [here] to access information for an individual state from the IRS.

Info via:  IRS website

Dept of Revenue-MN

Dept of Revenue-WI