The governor has never publicly said what he thought the team should cover and now perhaps his comments will begin a negotiating process?  I would love to see the Vikings get a stadium and I think using casino revenues and an increase in sports merchandise tax is a good path for public costs so it won't impact everyone.  While Vikings brass may not want to pay that much out of pocket, they must be happy that there is a conversation on topic rather than indifference.

Gov. Mark Dayton, the most important booster at the State Capitol for a subsidized Minnesota Vikings stadium, said Monday that the team should pay more than they've publicly committed for the stadium.

Vikings officials say the team would pay a third of the cost of a roofless stadium, estimated at about $700 million. The stadium bill recently introduced also puts the team's contribution at a third of the cost, requiring at least $1 for every $2 of state and local money.

But Dayton, speaking on Minnesota Public Radio, said the team should pay 40 percent or even half the cost. Anything more than that, he said, may be unrealistic.

Dayton has never said until now what the team's share should be, only that they should make a significant contribution.

Dayton and many legislators already have said they oppose a stadium without a roof, which would add at least $200 million to construction costs.