When you get sick you start thinking back to when and where you could have picked up the bug or WHO you can blame.  With the flu rampant in the Northland, this Facebook App might be just what you're looking for to find the culprit.

It's with a company called Help Remedies.  The app works pretty simply.  It scans your Facebook friends looking for any posts they have that contain words pertaining to illness, such as sniffles, cough, head-ache.  Or, if they are checking in from clinics, pharmacys, or bed.

It doesn't call them out though, you do that by sending them a message.


Call your Doctor if you think you have the flu, if you can catch it early enough there may be medication to help speed your recovery or limit the spread of the illness in your body.


Primary Symptoms

  • Fever (100°F or greater), a fever occurs when your body temperature increases in response to illness or injury. Your temperature is considered elevated when it is 100°F or greater.
  • Muscle aches, body aches that are sudden and unexplained can be a sign of the flu.
  • Chills, body chills not related to a cold environment can be a sign of the flu.
  • Extreme fatigue, fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy. When associated with one or more of the other symptoms, this can be a sign of the flu.

Remember that desperate, hopeless feeling you had when you got sick, NO FUN!  Don't go to work sick and pass it around.  Stay home, take care of yourself and keep others healthy (so they can do your job while you're gone)!